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Memory Care

Personalized, Professional, Engaged

Sometimes memory care means reteaching even the simplest task... Lita and her team embrace these engagement opportunities with patience and skill.


Training, redirection and reteaching never has to be drudgery!  Incorporating past and present reminiscences, Lita and her staff are able to meet their memory-challenged residents on familiar terms.


By actively involving residents in community and cultural events, the Siebenthal team make sure residents stay connected to their heritage.


Siebenthal's also uses pet therapy quite frequently. Particularly through hospice, the physiological and psycho-social benefits of pet therapy help Lita's residents feel less isolated.


Finally, Siebenthal's invites local musicians to play to residents. Music therapy is a wonderful tool to help residents calm down, stay engaged and move around!

Siebenthal Elder Care Home
Where the Garden of Eden
meets the Best of Care

Whether it is managing health, caring for the most personal needs, engaging residents socially or just making each day more fun, once you meet Lita and her team, you will feel confident they have it handled.



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Assisted Living

An Advocate so you can Relax

Fun, Love and Bustling with Activity!

The Siebenthal team provides rigorous health monitoring not usually found in most large Assisted Living facilities. Daily vital signs are transmitted to doctor's offices.


Caregivers regularly accompanies new residents on doctor visits. Any changes in health, cognition, balance or emotional state is documented and monitored closely. An advocate of the progressive "Self-Centered Care," the Siebenthal staff receive robust training on the best methods to assist residents without compromising independence or dignity.

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Imperial Home Care Assisted Living - The "Care" in Caregivers
  • Dedicated Owner - Professional, Loving

    Lita Siebenthal is an advocate, a champion for older adults and animals and operates from a rock-solid base of faith.

    She is tireless... Lita literally explodes with joy and creative ideas. Every season is robustly celebrated with feasts and colorful decorations.


    The garden is a continual project and every day features a new plan —  complete with good things to think about, great things to do and wonderful things to eat.


    Even though Siebenthal's features a transit van for outings, appointments and day trips, the Siebenthal team makes sure that  residents receive on-site services they require also. Siebenthal’s has a relationship with a physician on-call and accessibility to on-site religious services for most denominations.


    It can be said that Siebenthal’s takes active care of residents —  physically, spiritually and emotionally.


    One room just available! (916) 670-4817



  • Transportation and Regular Visits to Ft. Bragg

    Not content to stay home all the time, Lita and Bob Siebenthal regularly take residents to their vacation home on the Mendocino Coast!


    Siebenthal residents are regular participants at Redwood Senior Program at Fort Bragg


    The Siebenthal team makes sure that her residents are engaged and active, often inviting residents to accompany her on errands and shopping trips.


    The result...? Siebenthal's residents are family. Traveling together, playing together and celebrating each day together.


    Residents of Siebenthal are truly family -

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  • Pet Friendly — Healthy — Conveniently Located

    Siebenthal's Elder Care Home is located minutes Stockton Blvd and the 50 between North Oak Park and Tahoe Park.


    Less than half a mile from UC Davis Medical Center and under 9 miles from Kaiser South Sacramento, Siebenthal Elder Care Home is convenient to both physicians and medical centers.


    Although very close to major roads, Siebenthal's is tucked into a quiet corner lot, away from traffic and traffic noise. A perfect location for busy families.


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Residents of Siebenthal's Have FUN!

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Please respect the privacy of our Residents
and  their families...

While we encourage visitors anytime,
please do not arrive without a scheduled appointment.

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Handicap Accessible, Equal Housing

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Ashley Cottage Assisted Living for Older Adults
Imperial Home Care Assisted Living - The "Care" in Caregivers
Handicap Accessible, Equal Housing
Ashley Cottage Assisted Living for Older Adults
Imperial Home Care Assisted Living - The "Care" in Caregivers
Ashley Cottage Assisted Living for Older Adults